Morris County Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) 2016

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The Morris Regional Public Health Partnership, in collaboration with the North Jersey Health Collaborative (NJHC) Morris County Committee, recently unveiled its 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The document itemizes the five recognized priority health issues as discussed and voted on by members of the NJHC Morris County Committee over a period of several months.




Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.46.44 PMMorris County Health Assessment 2013

The following reports are contained in this file and contain detailed information on subject matter:
Asthma, Demographic Information, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Cardiac Stroke, Environmental, Substance Abuse, Communicable and Reportable Disease, Mortality and Natality

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 2.46.29 PM Food Safety – Training Manual 2011

Was designed to provide food handlers with a basic understanding of food safety. Food handlers are the first line of defense in keeping food safe. This training manual will assist your manager, who is responsible for ensuring that you prepare and serve food safely.




MRPHP Immunization Tool Kit: For Preschool and Child Care Centers

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This Tool Kit was designed to help preschool and child care center directors improve the recording of required vaccinations for the children in their centers. Vaccination is the best way to prevent communicable diseases. This Tool Kit was created in response to the observation by the public health nurses that far too many children in some of Morris County, New Jersey’s preschools and child care centers had not been immunized in a timely way, or at all, for seasonal influenza.


 Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 4.38.33 PMMorris County MRSA Campaign 2008 

If you need additional copies of this educational package or have questions, you may contact your local health department. You may reach the Morris County Communicable Disease Committee by contacting George VanOrden, Ph.D, at 973-428-2485, or Namitha Narayan, M.D., at 973-631-5488.




                         Morris County Health Improvement Plan 2007
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This Morris County Health Improvement Plan  identifies health service and system needs and states goals and objectives that can improve the health status of county residents. Its guiding principle is its intent to stimulate organizations and individuals to initiate goal implementing programs and projects. The plan is primarily for the attention of the providers of health and human services that can originate such projects and programs and to the attention of state and local government agencies concerned with the public’s health, and to the residents of the county.


                                        Morris County Profile of Health Status Indicators 2006
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The Morris County Profile of Health Status Indicators, 2006 is the first publication by the Morris County Regional Public Health Partnership of a comprehensive set of statistics and other factual information that estimates the health status of Morris County residents. It is primarily intended for use by the Partnership and its advisors in preparing a countywide plan for health improvements.



                                        Assessment of the Forces of Change 2006

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Beginning in November, 2005, the Morris Regional Public Health Partnership (MRPHP) began meeting for the purpose of evaluating the forces of change that are affecting the Morris County Health care system. Such forces are regarded as pressures requiring accommodation or adjustment because, for the most part, they cannot be altered. The results of this inquiry would be used to assist the preparation of a Morris County Health Improvement Plan. Meetings began in November, 2005, and continued into the spring of 2006 with the goal of identifying those forces and examining the issues relating to them.


Local Health System Evaluation Assessment

The Partnership Self-Assessment Tool assesses the success of a partnership’s collaborative process by measuring its level of synergy.  Synergy is a key indicator of successful collaborative process because it reflect the extent to which the partnership can do more than any of its individual participants.  Put another way, a partnership’s level of synergy indicates the extent to which the partnership, as a whole, is greater than the sum of its parts.


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